One of the Hardest Things About Moms Running Network Marketing Businesses

Everyone has their own reason for starting their network marketing business. One reason moms start a business is because they think it will be easy to stay at home with their kids and also run a business.

Often moms are surprised to learn that their time with their children is not as abundant as they had hoped.

As a work at home mom myself, one of the hardest things I had to face was that I was going to need some type of childcare for my children.

It was time to get creative. I was home so that I would not have my kids in daycare, yet now I was going to have to find some type of care for them.

I’d like to offer some ideas that worked well for me as my kids were growing up:

1. I live on the west coast. I often marketed on the east coast so that I could make calls about 6:00 a.m. my time. My own kids went to bed late and so they often slept until 9:00 a.m. I had three hours that I could work and be on the phone before the kids ever woke up. Target your marketing to time zones that work for your particular situation.

2. If your kids are toddlers or older, employ a mommies helper. This can be a young child of age nine or even ten who can come and play with your child, have a snack with your child and just overall entertain your child while you work.

3. If your kids are infants, consider swapping babysitting with another work at home mom. If you offer to watch her child for two hours, she in turn will watch your child for two hours. This is ample time for one phone appointment, to return emails or to make some prospecting calls.

4. As your kids get older, you can arrange play dates, babysitting, after school programs and study time that will allow you to get your work done.

Working at home does not always provide more time at home with children, but it does allow you to make decisions about your child’s day and to be with your child off and on all day long. If you prepare for your child’s day before you start your business, you’ll be much less likely to be disappointed when you find that you’ll need to be creative in occupying your child during working hours.

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