List Building – A Comparative Study on Email Marketing Vs Direct Mails

Email marketing is cheaper then direct mailing. The cost of direct mailing is high and the time taken for the response too takes a lot of time. In the comparison of email marketing vs. direct mails, the email marketing proves to a better option. A email can be written in a very short period of time and can be sent just by the click of a button and the response regarding the sent mail can also be obtained in minutes. This saves a lot of time. Email is a good medium of getting answers of various questions fast. It helps businesses to strike a deal with its customers within a short span of time.Suppose a form has been sent to a customer, he in turn downloads it, fills up the form, and sends in back in minutes. This has boosted the response rates in many ways. Direct mails are environment friendly and can be long but in this era, people prefer short mails. They want to know just the facts. A long mail might give them a negative thought about the sender and thus the receiver would not both to respond. The disadvantages of a email is quiet less than that of the direct mails.Email marketing vs. direct mail is a debate that will go on for sometime. Emails have helped multi national companies to conduct their business efficiently.  Daily large numbers of emails are sent back and forth between the head office and branch offices in various countries. Both emails and direct mails have their own advantages but emails address the need of speed so it is the preferred medium among many around the world. In the debate of email marketing vs. direct mail, email has fulfilled the requirement by reducing both time and cost.

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