In Direct Sales – Recession Proof Your Business

“Buyer’s Market, Seller’s Market – It’s always a Realtor’s Market”

These are the words my trainer said to me when I was studying for the Utah Real Estate Licensing Exam over 10 years ago. The same holds true in any niche where you’re offering services, and that’s one of the reasons I strongly encourage you to take a closer look at your Direct Sales business right now.

In this slowing economy, lots of folks are looking for a little extra income. Just keeping the bills paid can be a challenge – but when you throw in layoffs, rising mortgage rates, and let’s not forget the ridiculous gas prices these days, it’s not just about extra income – sometimes it’s a complete income replacement!

Now it is the perfect time to share your business opportunity. You’ve heard the adage, ‘buy low, sell high’? The same holds true in Network Marketing. Many companies are offering some tremendous savings and incentives for recruiting this summer. You owe it to everyone to share the benefits of your career. Now, I still maintain that Network Marketing isn’t for everyone, but you’d be foolish not to share your opportunity at a time when many people are literally STARVING for an income.

Here are some great tips and facts to share with your customers to let them know what a difference a network marketing career could make in their lives:

  • 96% of adults ages 25 to 44 are very interested in owning their own business.
  • 21% of baby boomers need to save at least $2 million for retirement and many have not saved enough.
  • 90% of women will assume total financial responsibility for herself at some time or another. Every woman owes it to herself to be prepared!
  • 85% of bankruptcies could be avoided with only $300 in additional monthly income.
  • More than 50% of adults in the US have purchased goods or services from a direct sales representative.
  • BusinessWeek Magazine says direct selling is a growing $30-billion-a-year business.
  • According to a poll conducted by the Direct Selling Association, additional income was the #1 reason people gave for becoming a direct selling representative.

When you have a passion for your work and love what you do, you will naturally be more successful. This holds true in every industry, not just Direct Sales/Network Marketing. There is a growing disillusionment with corporate America as downsizing continues, ethics scandals abound, and they are perceived as being too focused on the bottom line. Those that aren’t turning to private small business (solopreneurs, etc.) are still looking for help.

You have the perfect business opportunity that will allow your customers to improve their quality of life, while having a support system (fellow consultants) around them to motivate, inspire and applaud them for their hard work. When you share that opportunity with others, you are opening the door to a world of possibilities they might not even know about!

YOU are your company’s best product. You are that thing that distinguishes your products and services from every other company in the world. In this “crunch time” it is even MORE imperative that you focus on how you can ‘deliver the goods’ in a distinctive way that encourages repeat business, raving clients, and strong positive impact on your bottom line.

Are you sharing about your business? What are you sharing and how are you sharing it? What makes you remarkable?

Get out there and tell the world!

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