Direct Response Article Marketing

I was never one of the smart kids in school because I didn’t ask questions. Looking back, that’s really what differentiated the true honors students, form the kids who just got good grades. The kids who asked questions were able to find understanding.

Direct response advertising works under the principle that the consumer has questions. If their questions aren’t addressed then they won’t buy the product. There are different ways to tackle this problem. An inefficient way is to try to address all the questions in a thirty second commercial, or a Web site sidebar. That is impossible.

A wiser way to address this problem is to admit you can’t answer every consumer’s question without hearing the question. With direct response advertising the company is able to instantly hear the customer’s questions and answer them.

Article marketing is a great way to get into the consumers head. You start by intriguing them and work from there. When they get to the end of your article one of three things is going to happen. One option is that they’ll want to buy the product. Another option is that they’ll be completely uninterested. A third and very likely option is that they will have questions. So, if the article has contact information attached the reader can voice their question. The easier it is to contact you the more likely they will.

If you have a phone number they might call. If you have an email address they might send an email. If you send an instant message to them when they get to the bottom of the article, then they probably will ask the question.

Internet direct response article marketing is an amazing tool. It gives the seller the opportunity to speak with the consumer at the perfect time. The perfect time is when they are first deciding whether or not they want the product. The instant message is bot generated at first, but if the consumer replies to the bot they can be instantly patched through with a salesperson. Then the salesperson can address the consumer’s questions head-on.

In this scenario confusion is an asset rather than a liability. The salesperson can help the consumer realize that the product is right for them. There is a right answer to any of their questions. If they want to ask a question about the product, that means they’re interested in it. All the salesperson has to do is help them figure out why they are interested in it.

The article doesn’t need to be confusing to issue this result. Instead, it should attempt the get the reader to think about the product. It should inspire them to ask questions about the product not because they’re confused about it, but because they want to know more about it.

Back in school the smart kids searched for understanding. Now the smart people help others find understanding. Direct response article marketing presents the information to the consumer, and then we work with them to make sure they understand it the right way.

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