5 People Affected by Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing is a process that’s put in place so that through time, clients feel appreciated and remain clients for the long-term. There are numerous strategies and actions to be taken in order to successfully maintain a client base for years.

When it comes to business networking, an initial encounter marks the beginning of the Relationship Marketing process. As the initial positive impression is set into place, it makes way for years of positive reinforcement. It is important to gather relevant information that will help you to serve your clients progressively through time.

As clients remain loyal, there are several variables taking place and many people affected. These effects on people contribute to the overall process of Relationship Marketing. Below, is the basic rundown;

1. Your clients/customers

Your clients, being the direct recipients of your services, are showing their loyalty by hanging in there for so long. This is a direct effect of your services being top notch or at the very least, satisfactory. They continue to stay because of the Relationship Marketing tactics you have in place.

2. Friends and associates of your clients/customers.

Even though your customers/clients are directly affected by your great services, their friends and associates indirectly receive word. Now, through word-of-mouth they are affected to the extent of taking action themselves.

They may get involved with your services sometime in the near future. They may also, refer you to someone who will. This is amazing, especially if they have not tried your services personally.

3. You.

You are affected through your own Relationship Marketing. As you continue intricate communication with your clients/customers, you are receiving information that causes you to make the necessary changes for client retention. This input also enables you to create new products or services that may even be directed towards a completely different target.

4. Your friends, colleagues, associates, etc..

As a result of the above, your own friends and colleagues, through observation and word-of-mouth, are now affected and contribute by referring clients and or making recommendations themselves.

5. Spectators.

As a business becomes successful through Relationship Marketing practices, it is difficult to keep it out of the view of the public. As spectators view all the positive things that are happening with the current customers and clients, they are affected and motivated to become involved with the product or service. When this happens, the process begins again and can multiply like a virus but as far as business is concerned, this is a very healthy virus.

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