3 Dentist Marketing Tips!

Is there a “right” way to crank up your dentist marketing promotions? Actually, there is. And here are 3 quick tips to get you started…

3 Dentist Marketing Tips:

1. Direct Response!

There are two kinds of marketing.

The first is image advertising. This type of marketing “puts your name out there”… so hopefully… someone, somewhere will pick up the phone and call.

Image advertising is expensive. And it does not work for dentists like you.

The other advertising is called direct response. This type of marketing is trackable… accountable… and produces immediate results.

A few of the components of direct response dental marketing are: an offer, a deadline, a headline and “reason why” copy.

Direct Response marketing is the only type of advertising you should use in your dentist promotions.

2. Emotions!

People buy based on emotions. They justify with logic.

This means you must sell the emotional benefits gained by a bright, white smile.

A few of these emotional benefits are: more confidence… more popularity… a better job… more money… and more attraction for the opposite sex.

Remember, people do not want straight, white teeth and a beautiful smile.


What your patients want is to look (and feel) better about their appearance, so they get the emotional benefits we just discussed.

3. Entertain!

The biggest “missing element” in small business marketing is entertainment.

You must infuse fun into your campaigns, so you touch the “fun nerve” in your prospects.

How do you do this?

Well, one way to do this, is to pump your personality into everything you do.

Truth is “personality marketing” makes you human. And it bumps the success of your dentist marketing campaigns.

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