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Your Direct Mail Campaign – Some Essential Things To Remember

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It is very stressful if you are new in business and just starting to plan to advertise your product through direct mail. This is especially true if you don’t have enough resources to spend on advertising.

In creating your mailing list, you may do it yourself or you may use the services of list brokers.

Mailing lists are lists of your targeted customers with significant information and details about them.

When you plan to use the services of a list broker, just make sure that you are choosing a reputable, experienced, and transparent service. By transparent, I mean you should be able to call them and speak with an expert. If you consistently get voicemail, move on and look for another list provider.

These list brokers will be the ones to gather list of your targeted clients with their complete names, addresses, phone numbers, preferences, if there are any, and other important details that can be useful for your direct mailing campaign.

In other words these list brokers are the ones who will do all the hard work in compiling all the data and you will just buy the information from them. There are options that you can choose from in doing direct marketing. You can do it through e-mail, phone, or by envelope mails or postcards.

If you are planning to do it by phone, be sure that your telemarketer is well-trained and well equipped with all the information needed. They should also be polite and should act professionally during the whole process.

Specialized Mailing Lists

All data in the mailing lists are gathered from business or phone directories, government records, auto registrations, etc. Consumer lists are more general in nature like all people in a particular village, city, or zip code. It can also be a little specific like all physicians in a particular town. Brokers have a lot of lists for sale depending on your needs.

You can buy lists of accountants, lawyers, people with homes for sale, etc. There are also some other information that can be included in a consumer mailing list such as, age ethnicity, number of children, and others. Business lists on the other hand includes information like annual sales and profit, number of employees working, branches, among others.

Mailing List Brokers

In choosing a list broker you should choose a broker that is very much familiar with the kind of industry you are in.

Find a broker that can give you fresh information and a mailing list that has high deliverability, that is, a high number of targeted clients receiving your mails.

The people in the list given to you should be consumers who have already purchased or has an intention of purchasing products similar to what you are selling.

The mailing list should have very recent, accurate and legitimate information. Of course you don’t want to buy a list that contains names of individuals who no longer exist or are not residing in the addresses stated. Many of the brokers just actually get the list from mailing list owners.

The mailing list owners are the ones who are doing all the hard work in gathering all the necessary data. It’s up to the brokers to actually check the accuracy of all the data given to them so that their reputation won’t be stained once they sell those lists to merchants.

E-mail Lists

You have to be extra careful when you buy e-mail lists. Some of these lists are just gathered from Web sites so they are usually considered junk lists. Just try to get legitimate lists.

The ones compiled by people or businesses so that you will be assured that your advertisement is really sent to real people who really exist and can read and respond to your e-mail.


The mailing list’s pricing depends on the demographic information that you need, how detailed are the data that you want, and the services that you ask.

But in general, brokers ask for a minimum charge of $500 for the list that you want. There are also other brokers who give extra services like direct mail designing and other mailing services.

To take hold of the right mailing lists can lead you to success. But the success of your direct marketing campaign still depends in your resources, effort, strategies and techniques. NO broker, however expensive, can assure you of that.

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5 People Affected by Relationship Marketing

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Relationship Marketing is a process that’s put in place so that through time, clients feel appreciated and remain clients for the long-term. There are numerous strategies and actions to be taken in order to successfully maintain a client base for years.

When it comes to business networking, an initial encounter marks the beginning of the Relationship Marketing process. As the initial positive impression is set into place, it makes way for years of positive reinforcement. It is important to gather relevant information that will help you to serve your clients progressively through time.

As clients remain loyal, there are several variables taking place and many people affected. These effects on people contribute to the overall process of Relationship Marketing. Below, is the basic rundown;

1. Your clients/customers

Your clients, being the direct recipients of your services, are showing their loyalty by hanging in there for so long. This is a direct effect of your services being top notch or at the very least, satisfactory. They continue to stay because of the Relationship Marketing tactics you have in place.

2. Friends and associates of your clients/customers.

Even though your customers/clients are directly affected by your great services, their friends and associates indirectly receive word. Now, through word-of-mouth they are affected to the extent of taking action themselves.

They may get involved with your services sometime in the near future. They may also, refer you to someone who will. This is amazing, especially if they have not tried your services personally.

3. You.

You are affected through your own Relationship Marketing. As you continue intricate communication with your clients/customers, you are receiving information that causes you to make the necessary changes for client retention. This input also enables you to create new products or services that may even be directed towards a completely different target.

4. Your friends, colleagues, associates, etc..

As a result of the above, your own friends and colleagues, through observation and word-of-mouth, are now affected and contribute by referring clients and or making recommendations themselves.

5. Spectators.

As a business becomes successful through Relationship Marketing practices, it is difficult to keep it out of the view of the public. As spectators view all the positive things that are happening with the current customers and clients, they are affected and motivated to become involved with the product or service. When this happens, the process begins again and can multiply like a virus but as far as business is concerned, this is a very healthy virus.

Do you want to learn more business and networking advice? I have just completed my brand new guide for Professional Networking Success:

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Using Direct Mail? Here’s 3 Ways to Get Your Letter Opened

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Your direct mail efforts can be increased by simply changing the design on your envelope. A powerful envelope can mean the difference between mediocre response and a response rate that is beyond normal. So in this article, we will take a look at how you can improve the response rate from your direct mail by simply changing the design of your envelope. Here’s the first tips for direct mail envelope success.

1) Order envelopes first

You should order your envelopes first before any other aspect of your direct mail campaign. Manufacturers can require a long wait time before they delivery your envelopes, so be sure to keep this in mind.

2) Consider eye flow pattern

There’s usually a typical pattern to how someone opens your envelope. They will start with the front of the envelope, then move to their name and address, then any teaser copy you have, then the corner of the envelope, the postage, and last – the recipient will turn the envelope over to see if anything is written on the back. With this information, you can do a few things to your advantage.

The first thing that you can do is use a real live stamp. Even if they don’t recognize who you are, they will more than likely open it due to the live stamp on the envelope. The live stamp makes the envelope seem personal, so this is why you should use it. The next thing you can do is hand address the envelope in blue ink.

When you hand address the envelope in blue ink, you take personalization to a new level. Your prospect will view this as a personal message and will open your letter right away. If you’re thinking it takes this much work to open an envelope, then you have no idea. Getting a prospect to open up your envelope is tough, which is why you have to pay careful attention to how you design it.

3) Use teaser copy

It may work to your advantage to use teaser copy on the envelope. Teaser copy is usually just a short blurb that will entice a reader to open up your envelope. Your teaser copy can be as general as “first class mail” or as specific as “open for your free gift today!” You will want to test which one is better for you when creating the teaser copy of your envelope.

You will also want to test multiple locations for the teaser copy of the envelope. Going back to tip number 2 above, you may find it useful to include teaser copy on the back of the envelope.

One last thing that you should know is that teaser copy works best for prospects at their home address rather than businesses. Secretaries usually will take your envelope and through it in the trash if they perceived it as advertising.

All 3 of these tips will allow you to have the direct mail success that you dream of. Direct mail doesn’t have to be hard and with the increased cost of postage today, it’s becoming more difficult for marketers to really market effectively with direct mail. But these tips will allow you to gain the upper hand that you need to have success. Good luck with your direct mail efforts.

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The Plus and Minuses of Direct Sales

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Anyone who is contemplating the opening of a small home business should consider a direct sales business. Many people earn a great income by simply selling one line of products. Some great examples of this type of business are Avon, Mary Kay, and Tupperware. However, before you choose an opportunity, you have to consider the plus and minuses of direct sales.

When considering the plus and minuses of direct sales, the first thing you should consider is the earning potential. Truthfully, an opportunity like this is only limited by your own motivation. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Of course, another advantages is that you will get to be in complete control of your business.

Along with the above advantages, you will also find it allows you many opportunities to meet people, it has a low start up cost, and you can market your products on the Internet. Truthfully, you do not have to be an expert to be successful with your sales. It is simply about how much effort you make in improving your marketing skills.

Unfortunately, there are downsides to every business and this is no different. First and foremost, you will find you have a lot of competition and the income really is unpredictable. Whereas most of your business will be conducted online, it is a must to spend some time on increasing your knowledge about marketing. The fact is this type of business really requires a lot of time spent on it for it to even stand a chance for success.

Is this type of business right for you? After you carefully review the plus and minuses of direct sales, evaluate your feelings about each one. This type of business will require you to work on your own, keep your motivation going, and deal directly with a wide variety of types of people. It may not be for everyone, but the truth is, this type of business could help you to discover what it is like to be financially free.

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Affiliate Business – Marketing Online

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How to Start an Affiliate Business – Marketing Online

Have you ever wondered how to start an affiliate business online? Starting an online business is one amazing money making opportunities there is today. Having an affiliate business can give you the satisfaction of making enormous amounts of money with a little of extra time. Of course by not having a well thought out business plan can make everything very frustrating. Affiliate internet marketing for new people is very confusing and can sound very technical at times.

In this article you will learn how to start an affiliate business online with real results.

When starting your online business and slowly making sales, it’s very important to set up all you’re landing pages correctly. This is one of the biggest mistakes new affiliates commit of not correctly setting up landing pages. To avoid this mistake from happening to your marketing business, make sure you correctly copy and paste the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) from the website provided. After receiving the URL in from your provided site use Forwarding and Masking to help your potential customers identify you’re new URL. No potential customer is going to remember your affiliate URL. It will be a lot easier to remember an This is done by purchasing from a domain registry company. One good example of a domain registry would be If any of your customers click on the will get directed to your affiliate landing page. This is where they get the sales pitch page and buy your product.

Once you have your affiliate link converted into, start by marketing your on the internet. There are several ways you can promote your affiliate website. Start by using the most common forms of advertising which are forum marketing, social marketing and article marketing. Well discuss all of them.

Forum Marketing – This is one of the most effective methods of marketing your affiliate business. This method of marketing makes it personal for the reader. This is achieved by simply responding to a question related to your product. If your promoting a money making system, then only post on forums that relate to your niche. Once you have completed your posting your signature should encourage the reader to visit your affiliated site by giving them landing page.

Social Marketing – Social marketing is here to stay so embrace it. If you try to use social marketing to directly sell your product, you will fail miserably. Social sites are for building relationship not to be use to market your products. Instead of directly selling your products to people, build a massive friendship and let people find your product by themselves. Participate on your social sites by posting regularly to your followers on all social issues. You can simply achieve this by signing your name to every post you make following your affiliate website. It’s as simple as that. You will amaze of the massive of people visiting your site on every post.

Article Marketing – Article marketing has to be the best way of marketing your online business. By creating articles that help people accomplish something they want to do or solve a problem, it can send recurring visitors to your affiliate sales page. The “how to” articles are the most effective ones to create. Achieve this task by having a well written article with the “resource box” directing the reader to your affiliate site. Once you publish an online article on the internet it’s there forever sending unlimited amounts of potential customer to your affiliate page.

The above is the way to start an amazing affiliate business online without the frustrating challenges of online marketing. Looking for a money making opportunity where you can make a substantial amounts of money visit for an internet marketing training report worth thousands.

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3 Dentist Marketing Tips!

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Is there a “right” way to crank up your dentist marketing promotions? Actually, there is. And here are 3 quick tips to get you started…

3 Dentist Marketing Tips:

1. Direct Response!

There are two kinds of marketing.

The first is image advertising. This type of marketing “puts your name out there”… so hopefully… someone, somewhere will pick up the phone and call.

Image advertising is expensive. And it does not work for dentists like you.

The other advertising is called direct response. This type of marketing is trackable… accountable… and produces immediate results.

A few of the components of direct response dental marketing are: an offer, a deadline, a headline and “reason why” copy.

Direct Response marketing is the only type of advertising you should use in your dentist promotions.

2. Emotions!

People buy based on emotions. They justify with logic.

This means you must sell the emotional benefits gained by a bright, white smile.

A few of these emotional benefits are: more confidence… more popularity… a better job… more money… and more attraction for the opposite sex.

Remember, people do not want straight, white teeth and a beautiful smile.


What your patients want is to look (and feel) better about their appearance, so they get the emotional benefits we just discussed.

3. Entertain!

The biggest “missing element” in small business marketing is entertainment.

You must infuse fun into your campaigns, so you touch the “fun nerve” in your prospects.

How do you do this?

Well, one way to do this, is to pump your personality into everything you do.

Truth is “personality marketing” makes you human. And it bumps the success of your dentist marketing campaigns.

If you’re sick and tired of hearing the same-old-stuff from dental marketing “gurus” then mosey on over to…

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Introduction About Social Media Marketing

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History of Marketing: Marketing has been evolving ever since the start of production. Earlier, the companies used to be oriented towards production of goods and used to be focused on maximum production with a little focus on quality. Slowly, the manufacturing companies starting getting concerned about quality of their products and later with increase in competition, they woke up to the necessity of going to the customer directly for selling. Thus marketing was born and various marketing strategies evolved.

Different Approaches towards marketing: After the 1980s, organizations started promoting their products with the different customers with the help of advertising and direct communication with the customer. Social marketing evolved during the 1990s in which various techniques were used in order to attain some target aimed at building a better society.

Difference between Social Marketing and Commercial Marketing: Commercial marketing is focused solely on profits while social marketing is focused entirely on society. Now, with the evolution of internet and various platforms such as blogs, social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube etc. various organizations have started using these platforms for marketing themselves with the use of social media marketing.

It helps them to build rapport with the customers by mixing various aspects of marketing like advertisement, direct marketing and publicity. Conventionally, marketing used to be done with the help of external marketing service providers such as advertisement companies. These companies used to organize every aspect of advertisement. This situation has got changed a lot after rise of social media marketing as it helps them to get in touch with the customers directly.

Role of Internet: This type of marketing has got a lot of support from the internet. This is because the companies can get in touch with numerous potential customers online who can access large information about the products and services of the company on its website. Further, with the rapid expansion of internet, social media can be accessed by any one who has an internet connection. Thus, the need for highly priced advertisements was completed by this method helping these companies to save cost, increase effectiveness and increase consumer satisfaction.

A number of companies around the world have used this form of marketing to reap heavy benefits. Consumers can contact such companies on their discussion forums where they can list their problems, suggestions, complaints etc. The social media campaigns of companies like Dell Computers and Starbucks have been quite successful in reaching out to their customers. Starbucks has a presence on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and have a blog platform of their own which is MyStarbucks Idea. Such companies take consumer feedback very easily and are known to have increased customer satisfaction to great levels.

However, there have been certain unsuccessful campaigns as well; such as those by Nestle, Volkswagen and Wal-Mart. These companies had registered presence on such websites and even had their own blogs as well, but they couldn’t connect with their customers. This is because these companies didn’t pay any importance to the feedback given by their respective consumers.

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5 Proven Offline Marketing Methods For Newbies

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We’re currently in the Information Age – an era where information is shared among people almost at the speed of light. This, of course, was made possibly through the Internet. As more and more people are getting online, online marketing has reached a level in a way that marketers from decades ago can only ever dream of. With that in mind, many marketers have used the Internet as a powerful medium to market their products and services that they completely shelved the notion of using the ever reliable method of offline marketing. This is a grave mistake any marketer shouldn’t commit, since offline marketing is as essential as it was decades ago. It is also made more significant if used hand in hand with online marketing. To bolster your marketing efforts, here are important offline marketing methods to help you out.

1. Direct mailing is a method that is no less effective as it was before even with the current popularity of emails. Direct mail comes in the form of flyers, brochures, letters and postcards. You can also create your own hard copies on your own printer to reduce costs. Mailing postcards are also cheaper than mailing letters and fliers, so make sure that make use of this method to maximize your capital.

One avenue where you can focus your direct mails is the brick and mortar businesses. This is obvious for the fact that an actual physical establishment can have offline marketing materials that employees can read at their own leisure. So don’t forget to include these establishments in your recipients list when you distribute your direct mails.

2. Conducting seminars, workshops and symposiums can go a long way into making your business more visible, and at the same time, showcase your expertise on matters concerning your niche. If you are able to build a reputation in the industry you’re part of, word will spread, and this in turn will help make your product a household name.

3. You can also advertise in newspapers and magazines. This type of offline marketing campaign can cost you some money, so you’ll have to tread carefully and make use of your budget wisely. The key here is to choose the right publications that will advertise your product. To do this, you have to pick the ones that distribute their papers at a high volume. If local, pick those whose area of distribution has a large population. Another important thing: since the popularity of the Internet, magazine and newspaper readership has dwindled, and I would recommend having the ads printed only on Sundays to improve visibility.

4. Charity events are a great opportunity to showcase your product. As one of the sponsors, your brand’s logo can be displayed on all their advertising materials. One rule of thumb is that your website’s URL should be displayed as well. Do this, and the amount of exposure your product will get will be considerable.

5. Finally, you can use yourself as your own product’s advertisement, much like what a mascot does for a company. No, you don’t have to wear silly costumes. Wearing a T-shirt with your site’s URL printed on it, as well as a car sticker with the same effect, should suffice. When you are your own advertisement, you can execute your offline marketing campaign on a more personal level.

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Direct Response Article Marketing

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I was never one of the smart kids in school because I didn’t ask questions. Looking back, that’s really what differentiated the true honors students, form the kids who just got good grades. The kids who asked questions were able to find understanding.

Direct response advertising works under the principle that the consumer has questions. If their questions aren’t addressed then they won’t buy the product. There are different ways to tackle this problem. An inefficient way is to try to address all the questions in a thirty second commercial, or a Web site sidebar. That is impossible.

A wiser way to address this problem is to admit you can’t answer every consumer’s question without hearing the question. With direct response advertising the company is able to instantly hear the customer’s questions and answer them.

Article marketing is a great way to get into the consumers head. You start by intriguing them and work from there. When they get to the end of your article one of three things is going to happen. One option is that they’ll want to buy the product. Another option is that they’ll be completely uninterested. A third and very likely option is that they will have questions. So, if the article has contact information attached the reader can voice their question. The easier it is to contact you the more likely they will.

If you have a phone number they might call. If you have an email address they might send an email. If you send an instant message to them when they get to the bottom of the article, then they probably will ask the question.

Internet direct response article marketing is an amazing tool. It gives the seller the opportunity to speak with the consumer at the perfect time. The perfect time is when they are first deciding whether or not they want the product. The instant message is bot generated at first, but if the consumer replies to the bot they can be instantly patched through with a salesperson. Then the salesperson can address the consumer’s questions head-on.

In this scenario confusion is an asset rather than a liability. The salesperson can help the consumer realize that the product is right for them. There is a right answer to any of their questions. If they want to ask a question about the product, that means they’re interested in it. All the salesperson has to do is help them figure out why they are interested in it.

The article doesn’t need to be confusing to issue this result. Instead, it should attempt the get the reader to think about the product. It should inspire them to ask questions about the product not because they’re confused about it, but because they want to know more about it.

Back in school the smart kids searched for understanding. Now the smart people help others find understanding. Direct response article marketing presents the information to the consumer, and then we work with them to make sure they understand it the right way.

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Direct Mail Campaigns And The Importance Of A Strong Sales Letter

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To make your direct mail offer work, you have to have a good sales letter. A strong sales letter is the cornerstone of a rock solid plan and you should invest time to develop a good one for the product that you are selling. Even though there are 2 other factors that play a role in your direct mail success, it’s the actual words on the paper that will get you the sales you need to stay in business.

The other 2 factors that I’m talking about is your mailing list and the actual offer itself. It’s pivotal that these 2 factors are on target so that you don’t waste money sending your message to a group that won’t hear you. This is called “marketing on deaf ears” – if your list is bad, how do you expect to make any money?

Similarly, if your list is good, but your sales letter can’t convey your prospect to buy, then what is the purpose of it? One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to gain an understanding of who it is that you’re selling to. You want to know their wants, needs, and problems so that you can address them in your sales letter.

A good strategy for getting your readers interested in your sales letter is to inform them more about the problem that they are having. When you educate your reader, you remind of their problem and allow them to get roused up for your message. This is a great way to turn your prospects on to your letter and to get them interested into what you have to say.

When educating your readers, you will want to mention to them the options that they have available to solve their problem. All winning direct mail sales letters does this, and you should position your product as the best solution for the problem. You can do this in a variety of ways. You can offer comparisons, you can give them testimonials of previous customers, you can show them the value in terms of cost, and a whole lot more.

You will stand out in your prospect mind because very few business owners go out of their way to help their prospects. You will be perceived as someone who is helpful and who is really looking out for their best interest. This educating of your reader is a great way to separate yourself from your other competitors, and to gain a receptive ear from your prospects.

Another thing that your direct mail sales letter has to do is to eliminate all barriers that stand in between you and your prospect. Your prospects will have some doubt in their mind especially if this is the first time that you’ve sent your letter out to them. You have to do whatever it takes to remove this doubt, and one of the best ways to do it is with customer testimonials.

With testimonials, you allow your customers to do the selling for you. Testimonials show that you stand behind your word 100% and that you deliver on what you promise. This is a good way to scare competitors off also and to gain a receptive ear with your prospect.

Another thing that you can do to remove doubt is to offer a guarantee. Letting your prospects know that they take no risk is a huge move in removing all doubt from their mind. All prospects want to know that if they wanted to, they can get their money back from you. So give them what they want and they will give you what you want – sales.

All of these tips for making your direct mail sales letter a success is pivotal to your business operations.

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